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   at Columbia University Medical Center

  Research in the Cardoso lab focuses on the mechanisms that regulate lung progenitor cell fate during lung development and on the contribution of developmental mechanisms to disease pathogenesis and regeneration-repair of the adult lung. We are investigating how progenitor cells generate the wide diversity of cell types of the mature respiratory system. In this context, we have been identifying early markers of cell fate and characterizing the genetic programs associated with acquisition of the various airway epithelial cell phenotypes as the lung forms. These studies have provided insights into the role of specific pathways, including retinoids, Fgf, Tgf beta and Notch in controlling the specification and expansion of lung progenitors, airway branching and differentiation of the various lung epithelial cell lineages. Over these years Our studies continue to explore the basic mechanisms of lung development, using this knowledge to understand the role of stem/progenitor cells in lung regeneration-repair and the impact of prenatal fetal exposures in adult lung structure and function and susceptibility to disease. .

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